Our Wines

Sophie’s proudly presents our own Family wine from the country of Georgia. Nikoloff is imported exclusively for Sophie’s and Desy’s restaurants.

The grapes were harvested in the small Khashmi Village at the end of September 2020 and made in Qvevri, large clay vessels buried in the ground for 7 months.

Our Dry Red

The wine is made of Saperavi grapes. It has dark pomegranate color, with Blackcurrant and blackberry flavor. Distinguished by the harmonious taste. Recommended with our Hungarian Goulash, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls or Lamb Burger. | 10/38

Our Semi-Sweet Red

Made of Saperavi grapes. Beautiful ruby color. Ripe berries on the nose. Complex notes of vanilla, sweet tobacco with a long lasting finish. Recommended with Our Armenian Figs, Brie Mildness, Prosciutto & Quince and Chocolate cake. | 10/38

Our Dry White

The wine is made of Rkatsiteli grapes. Pale yellow color with aromas of passion fruit and mango. Nuts and mineral accent in the back. Pleasant and crisp finish. Recommended with our Salmon Nikoloff, Sophie's Lasagna and Mozzarella in Carozza. | 10/38

Our Semi-Sweet White

The wine is made of Rkatsiteli grapes. Very pleasant light semi-sweet wine with clean - ripe yellow fruits; with white peach and honey notes. Well balanced and pleasant finish. Recommended with our Sophie's Chicken Casserole and Dessert.

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