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Sophie's Grill and Bar


Our Story

Nearly ten years ago, Desi Nikolova left her homeland of Bulgaria and moved to the United States with high hopes. What began as an idyllic journey ended in disappointment, the result of which she calls “a sad love story.” Rather than wallowing in self-pity and heartbreak, Desi chose to channel her passion into serving others. In 2011, she launched Desy’s Grill & Bar in Morrisville.

What began as a way to bring the love of Desi's own grandmother's hospitality and love of cooking to her new life in America has grown into a thriving hot-spot for locals. They keep coming back to enjoy the taste of their favorite food and drinks with a hint of the flavors of the old world on their plates and in their glasses.

Six years ago, the opportunity to open a new restaurant revealed itself in Cary, North Carolina and Sophie's Grill and Bar became an addition to Desi's portfolio. While Desy's Grill and Bar is established as a local favorite pub, she wanted to elevate the menu in her new restaurant. Offering a wider range of fine dining options, Sophie's is where Desi got to expand the menu to include more of her traditional recipes.

With a larger space, Sophie's Grill and Bar is capable of hosting up to two hundred guests, and is a perfect location for your next event or private party. Desi's guests keep coming back over and over for the fine dining experiences, the wide beverage selection, and the entertainment they enjoy while there. You really should make a reservation, so you can get the full experience, to take it all in.

Desi Nikolova wants to bring attention to the old world family recipes she brought with her from Bulgaria to America. She truly feels that the cuisine from her homeland is at risk of being overlooked, and she is working hard to share it at Sophie's Grill and Bar. Her carefully curated staff are also contributing their family recipes to the fine dining experience in her Cary restaurant. With a full bar, handmade cocktails, and local produce from area farmer's markets (when seasonally available), Sophie's strives to support the community while offering guests a truly authentic experience.

Sophie's Grill and Bar is the place you want to bring your whole family to for a beautiful meal surrounded by a delightful atmosphere. Welcome home to Sophie's Grill and Bar. See you soon!